Social Catering

Blu Moon Catering customizes each social menu to suit our clients’ needs. Following are some sample menus clients have loved. Enjoy!


Priced per 50 pieces or people

Heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and sweet basil served with garlic crostinis

$65 (seasonal)

Coriander chickpea nuts, beet chips, house made potato chips and seasonal veggies served with a basil ranch dip and a roasted red pepper and toasted walnut cheese spread


Roasted Veggie Platter
Seasonal vegetables, roasted and drizzled with aged balsamic vinaigrette and topped with shaved Parmesan cheese


Roasted Shrimp
Served with a spicy cocktail sauce


Vegetable Crudités & Artisanal Cheese
Seasonal vegetables and aged cheese then garnished with fresh fruit, gourmet crackers, and herb dip


Cheese Display   
Savory baked cheesecake with cheddar cheese, red peppers and green onion.  Assorted bite size cheeseballs. Aged gruyere, cheddar and provolone.  Served with assorted breads and berries


Cold Artichoke and Parmesan Dip   
With garlic crisps and veggies


Trio of Hummus
Traditional chickpea, edamame and mint, black bean and cilantro served with crispy wontons, veggies and tortillas


Lettuce Wrap Display
Assorted local lettuces, roasted chicken, jasmine salad, julienned squashes, Thai peanut sauce and creamy Sriracha sauce with crushed peanuts


Roasted Side of Salmon
Roasted salmon served with a dill cream cheese, red onion, capers, cucumbers and crostini’s



Chicken or vegetable, with a fresh avocado cilantro salad

$110, $90

Action Station

Priced per person

Adult Grilled Cheese Station

Fontina, arugula and red wine mushrooms    
Fig, Brie and Spinach   
Aged Cheddar, bacon and chives


Mussels Two Ways
White wine with herb, or Belgian ale, with cream


Pad Thai 

Soba noodles with carrots, peas and eggs

Add chicken $2.00 more 
Add Beef  $4.00 more 
Add salmon $3.00 more 
Add shrimp $4.00 more 


Roasted “Aged” Beef Tenderloin $11.00
Ribeye $9.50

Sirloin $8.50 
Silver dollar rolls, bleu cheese mayo, and tomato salad

Grill Station
($150 grill rental fee)

Marinated Chicken topped with a cherry tomato, fennel and lemon relish  $8.00 per person

Tenderloin of Beef served on top of baguettes with a red wine pearl onion reduction                          $12.00 per person

Grilled Salmon served over dill risotto   
$10 per person

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables served over polenta cakes and drizzled with a red pepper coulis  $6.50 per person 

Grilled Kabobs chicken, beef, and vegetable     
$7.00 per person

Mac and Cheese Station 
Choice of crumbled bacon, green onions, chorizo, chicken, snap peas, roasted tomatoes and spinach


Hot Display

Priced per 50 pieces

Trio of Mini’s 
Prime aged cheddar cheese burgers with pickles and a cayenne mayo, Falafels with pickled red onion, arugula and tzatziki, Seared salmon with cucumbers, dill mayo and pea sprouts


Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp     
Jumbo shrimp wrapped in a roasted poblano and Goose the Market Bacon then baked.  Served on top of a apricot jalapeno jam


Crispy Risotto Cakes
Topped with a crab salad, or an Indiana corn relish

$175, $110

Polenta and Tenderloin       
Polenta cups filled with red wine mushrooms and topped with sliced aged ribeye


Chicken and Waffles
Mini vanilla bean waffles topped with chive cream panko crusted chicken and drizzled with honey and cayenne


Parmesan Fondue
Swiss cheese and roasted garlic fondue served with pressed croque madams and homemade soft pretzel sticks



Priced per 50 pieces

Pulled Pork Cornbread     
Bite size cornbread filled and baked with 24 hour roasted pork and topped with a jalapeno apricot jam


Potato Crisp with Truffle Cream
Crispy Yukon chips topped with a truffle cream fraiche and chives


Prosciutto Salad Wraps
Mixed greens and red pepper wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with blackberry vinaigrette


Savory French profiteroles filled with dried apricots and goat cheese


Beef Tenderloin Crostini
Sliced rare and topped candied tomatoes and Roquefort blue cheese


Fish Tacos
Sautéed salmon, pico do gallo, pickled red onion, crisp romaine and a spicy mayonnaise


Prosciutto Salad Wraps
Mixed greens and red pepper, wrapped in duck prosciutto, drizzled with blackberry vinaigrette
Substitute traditional prosciutto $125


Savory French profiteroles filled with dried apricots and Brie


Mini Baked Brie 

Bite size brie topped with fig preserves, wrapped in puff pastry and baked golden brown. Topped with fresh berries and local honey


Pistachio Arancini’s 
Risotto filled with a toasted pistachio and cheddar cheese and fried golden brown.  Served with spicy tomato sauce


Assorted Kolaches
Reubens, Buffalo Chicken and Spinach Dip


Pork and Melon
Sweet watermelon, roasted pork belly, feta cheese and baby basil served on top of reduced balsamic syrup


Shrimp and Polenta
Grilled shrimp served on bite size polenta cakes topped with an andouille and roasted tomato relish


Cured Salmon Crostini 
Rye crostini topped with thinly slice cucumbers, mint goat cheese, cured salmon, capers and red onion


Parmesan Crisp
Parmesan crisps topped with mascarpone, candy orange peel and baby arugula


Bacon and Cheddar Crostini   
Goose the Market jowl bacon crostini topped with a homemade pimento cheese and green onions


Assorted Wontons 
Homemade wontons filled with Asian pork, Cream cheese and chive, Spicy Kimchi


Stuffed Figs (seasonal)
California figs stuffed with an herbed goat cheese topped with crispy prosciutto and drizzled with a lavender honey

Roasted Salmon Bite 
Served on cucumber crostini, herb slaw and pea sprouts


Spring Rolls   
Rice paper rolls filled with cabbage, mint, pineapple, basil, carrots, ginger and red pepper.  Served with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce



Priced per 50 pieces

Individual and Bite Size Pies
Choice of the following:

Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Marshmallow, Banana Cream and Maple Sugar Cream

$4.25 each/$85 for 50pieces

Bite Size Cupcakes
Choice of the following:

Maple Cake filled with maple cream, iced with a maple buttercream and topped with candied bacon
Lemon Cake filled with lemon curd and iced with fresh meringue
Key Lime Cake filled with coconut cream and iced with a coconut buttercream
Vanilla Cake filled with pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache
Strawberry Cake filled with white chocolate cream and iced with a strawberry buttercream


Examples of our social catering menus appear here. Blu Moon Catering customizes each social menu to suit our clients’ needs. Consider these options for displays, action stations, canapés and desserts, and then let’s create the perfect menu for your event.